VirtualizationManaging your hardware resources and provisioning processes can be time consuming work.  In addition if you have worked to take advantage of virtualization strategies these can be costly endeavors as well.  Chess works with many different sizes of clients to ensure that their server set is utilizing all of the most current technologies.

Virtualization allows clients to build additional layers of stability, performance management and redundancy into their server infrastructure.  Customers enjoy consolidated hardware environments which reduce overall hardware cost and energy cost while allowing the systems to better utilize various server resources.  Advanced implementations can significantly reduce downtime, management overhead and new system provisioning.

Virtualization Expectations

To get the most out of virtualization, Chess personnel can work closely with your staff and systems to assess where current hardware coverages are and address any needs prior to a virtualization project.  Our assessment can also help determine what level of benefit a customer will enjoy with a virtualization project.  In addition we can help future proof the roll out and management of a virtualized environment.

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