Technology Planning

Technology Planning services by Chess Inc,Why is technology strategic planning so difficult?  Yes, the technology is ever changing and the pace seems to be only increasing.  Yes, budgeting is complex and the price of technology always seems to be in flux.  However, the main reason technology strategic planning is so difficult is that your network engineer and your IT generalist are not qualified to provide this service!

Strategic planning is a BUSINESS SERVICE, not a technical one.  It takes a keen understanding of the technical layer but requires a business approach to understanding the growth of your business, the climate of your industry and familiarity with your budgeting and fiscal cycles.

Chess vCIOs are fully trained technical engineers who have extensive background, training and experience in delivering business level services.  We ensure our vCIOs have insight into complex business issues that affect the implementation of a strategic technology plan.  These areas include budgeting and financial measurement, industry growth patterns and long term company interactions as well as technical life cycles and business analytics.

What does an IT strategy do for you?

Developing a long term technology strategy provides significant business value.

  • Key to designing and implementing best in class IT systems
  • Helps companies avoid costly IT investments through risk assessment and business impact
  • Addresses key budgetary needs and balances capital and operational expenditures in the business’ favor
  • Delivers insight into the technical life cycle and its impact upon business performance

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