Chess Inc. offers securityAre your IT systems vulnerable to threats?

The risk around IT and to your IT systems is an ever evolving situation.  Information security is rapidly becoming one of the largest IT sectors because of the ever changing nature of IT threats.  Managing this risk and mitigating the amount of exposure your company has can be a time intensive and costly process.  Chess is able to help your company navigate the security waters and provides an array of assessment, testing and documentation services to ensure any environment is protected.

Assessing your system environment and testing that your systems are secure is the first step in ensuring your company is properly protected.  Chess can evaluate the entry points, both externally and internally, and test to ensure the IT environment is protected.  In addition, we can consultation and education for you and your staff so that your man made risk is minimized.

Securing to Requirements

Chess provides requirement specific security assessments. So whether your environment is regulated by specific government departments or a trade organization(s), we can help ensure that requirements are met and the right processes are in place.  In addition we have experience with implementing all levels of PCI compliance for credit card transactions and can consult with you about the level of coverage needed for your operation.

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