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Chess Inc. Managed Print ServicesHow much does your organization spend on printing? If your answer is, “I don’t know” don’t worry, you’re not alone. By category, printing is one of the largest unknown costs most often overlooked by IT managers, office managers or purchasing managers and can eat up as much as 3%-5% of your company’s total revenue. Whether it’s the constantly changing price of toner, the freight to ship supplies or the big unknown costs of servicing your equipment, calculating what your organization spends on printing can be challenging.

What if you only had one flat rate for printing to be concerned about? Welcome to Chess’ Managed Print Solution (MPS). Whether you have one device or a fleet of devices to manage, Chess can help develop the right solution for your business.


The first step of implementing a managed print solution is to understand what the desired goal of the solution will be and identify areas where cost savings can be achieved. Utilizing industry leading monitoring software with a low network footprint, Chess can identify printing volumes and trends to get a better understanding of how much printing is going on and what equipment is being used to generate those prints. Once we have identified your companies printing habits, Chess’ Managed Print specialist will sit down with you and your team to identify organizational goals such as work-flows and increased functionality to create a solution that is tailored to your business. Once we know what the goals of the solution are, we can assess where the maximum cost savings can be achieved.

Optimization + Consolidation = Cost Savings

Although we always work with our customers to leverage their existing equipment, sometimes the existing equipment is too costly to maintain and cannot meet the goals of the solution. Furthermore, while the deployment of small personal printers around the office can be convenient, this convenience is eclipsed by the high costs of supporting multiple types of devices. At Chess, we believe a good printing strategy isn’t comprised of just lower cost supplies but also leverages centralized equipment. Utilizing small work group multifunction printers, Chess will work with you to phase out older costlier devices for centralized MFPs that can handle the workload of many printers. Maintaining and managing one or two centralized printers is a lot cheaper and easier than many different types of printers, it’s just common sense!

The Hidden Costs of Printing

How much time are your employees spending on ordering supplies and working with service providers to maintain your office equipment? How much downtime do you have waiting for service providers to show up and fix your equipment? Enter the hidden costs of printing. While other companies managed print offerings narrowly focus on the cost of each page, Chess’ Managed Print Services leverage cost savings on both the hard and soft costs of printing. By utilizing industry leading monitoring software and trained personnel, Chess not only provides you with what you need to print but we also make sure supplies and service are ready when you need it. Toner running low? Alerts that are monitored by Chess staff let us know to send you a replacement before you run out. Need service? Chess’ monitoring software lets us know that your device is having issues before you even call for faster response times.  If your current company isn’t already doing these things for you, what are they really managing?

Where Are the Savings?

  • Consolidating supplies, service and management under one vendor saves your employees time and allows Chess to give you a low fixed price
  • Device consolidation removes costlier devices and eliminates unnecessary equipment to reduce power consumption and environmental impact
  • Chess’ Managed Print solutions cover freight
  • Automatic supply replenishment and pro-active monitoring ensures maximum uptime for printers
  • Custom tailored workflows allow you to maximize employee efficiency

The Big Picture

At Chess, we believe managed print solutions should be more than just consolidating service and supplies under one vendor but also add value to your business processes and leverage new technology in ways you didn’t even know about. Whether it’s designing custom workflows that are individually tailored to your specific business needs or configuring printing devices to leverage cutting edge features like integrated SharePoint or industry specific applications, Chess has the right pieces to help your company make the right move. Our customers have come to expect a high quality of service from our 37 years of Managed Printing experience and we would like to extend that same quality of service to your managed print solution.

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