Small and Medium Business IT Services

Peace of Mind IT delivery for small and medium businesses that want to focus on their business.  Chess’ approach to small and medium business IT services is designed to help business executives focus on their business and not the IT hassle of the day.  Many SMBs have identified recurring issues that Chess can help with, including:

  • Hiring and managing IT personnel
  • Managing a network without IT personnel
  • Budgeting and planning their technology needs
  • Managing downtime, user expectations and staff vacations

Chess understands the difficulty for SMBs to deliver high caliber IT services. IT can be burdensome when an owner or management team is trying to grow the business.  Chess’ managed SMB IT services approach delivers seamless IT services without the additional hassle of managing personnel, processes and equipment.  Chess’ team provides the knowledge and support that a growing business needs.

How Chess delivers IT

No gimmicks, no complicated pricing structure and no vast pages of legalize.  Chess has been in the business of providing high quality services for over 35 years.  We are a service business reliant on our clients receiving excellent service. This is why we have a simple, clean approach for small and medium business IT services.

No Menu?

When it comes to managed IT services, Chess takes to heart the “managed” part.  Delivering small and medium business IT services is complicated and we ensure executives and owners understand why we don’t provide piecemeal services.  Piecemeal IT doesn’t work.  Too many options ensures a lack of coverage and opens up clients to being nickled and dimed.  Chess provides complete managed plans to our clients so they get the right sized IT for their business.

No Legalize?

Chess has many strategic and tactical goals for our clients and their business.  Those goals do not include lining the pockets of legal teams with complicated, double digit, multi-addendum contracts.  No flowcharts, no legalize, no complications.  Our small and medium business IT services contract is streamlined and easy to understand.  If we provide poor service our client will tell us and we will fix it. No complicated flow charts and SLAs to hide behind.  Service company focused on servicing our clients.

No Complex Pricing?

Small and medium business IT services can be delivered many ways.  Chess delivers IT the right way.  We have a simple model designed to fully service each end user and the organization.  No device counts, no tiered gimmicks, no cop outs.


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