Chess, Inc. K-12 education it services

K-12 Education IT Services

How do schools continue to provide innovative IT services to their end users?  Chess provides a wide array of K-12 education IT services designed to help schools innovate with technology.  Strategic services, infrastructure support and student technology management are all areas where Chess’ team can help schools tackle the IT beast.  Chess has experience providing fully managed environments, project services and classroom innovation.

We can help both private and public schools:

  • Plan and optimize network infrastructure and support services
  • Develop and support vast technology programs including student one to one programs
  • Foster innovative technology approaches to both technical and non-technical curriculum
  • Driving opportunity for further technical development for students and staff

How do we do it?

Chess leverages their managed service framework to provide tailored K-12 education IT services.  The Chess staff has a rich domain knowledge in student BYOD, one to one programs, eRate scheduling and general IT delivery.  K-12 education IT services can be delivered at an excellent price point without the loss of quality or coverage.  Chess IT services provide strategic planning and budgeting that can fully align with city, county and association requirements.  Finally Chess advocates for their schools in both private and public opportunities.

What sets us apart?

Chess is getting it done right now.  Our clients in education are both public and private schools using an array of services from fully managed IT to tactical project services.  Our K-12 education IT services is built to ensure schools succeed.

We are a full participant in the e-rate federal program and have a wide array of resources to share with schools about how to get and implement funding for e-rate eligible projects.

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