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Cloud Services

Cloud implementations are a huge trend in IT.  While not right for all, for many clients the flexibility of cloud based services, scalability and cost structure are quite ideal.  Chess offers strategic cloud services for a number solutions and client facing needs.  From hosted email, Microsoft Office 365 and more, Chess can provide the right delivery of cloud services at the right size and the right price.

Getting Your Feet Wet

The prospect of moving your entire IT operation into the cloud can be quite daunting.  Chess offers a granular approach to cloud services for those that wish to step into a cloudy IT world.  We will help you and your staff migrate seamlessly individual services or entire solutions at a speed you are comfortable with.  The following are just a few examples of services that are ideal of cloud delivery.

  • Email Hosting and Delivery
  • Application Hosting
  • Mobile Device Management
  • VOIP (Voice over IP)

IaaS, the next big acronym.

Infrastructure as a Service is the next big thing for the cloud to tackle.  Chess can help clients looking to convert their infrastructure to a cloud service.  Migration can be challenging to coordinate and there are many moving pieces that need to be considered.  We work with clients to help develop a strategy for moving their infrastructure to an IaaS implementation as well provide ongoing support and management of the hosted cloud infrastructure.

Private Cloud

For larger customers wishing to maximize performance and IT delivery to their users, the implementation of a private cloud can be very beneficial.  Chess has invested in and partnered with the very best technology vendors providing private cloud services.  Through the consolidation of data silos, virtualization of the infrastructure and coordination of user services a private cloud can offer additional flexibilities while decreasing future project costs and provision resources.

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