Outsourcing Your IT Team: Taking the First Step

Outsourcing Your IT

Ideas that resonate with outsourcing your IT

You have analyzed your financials, reviewed your IT spend, met with multiple outsourcing companies and have just signed your name to the dotted line. A huge weight is lifted as you feel the relief of entrusting your IT infrastructure to a team who can provide all of the right sized resources to your organization. Then a new weight begins; that is entrusting your IT infrastructure to a team that you don’t directly control.  How do you succeed when outsourcing your IT?

Working through a large change in Information Technology is scary and can be extremely unnerving for an organization. You are used to having that guy or gal down the hall that when something broke they just zipped down to fix it. Multiple cognitive biases can further undermine your decision and begin to wrap the previous “IT person” in a positive and untouchable light. The status quo bias can rear its head and tell you that change is bad.

Fear not, we all have a tendency to telescope our memories and distort the impact and timing of outages and downtime that occurred. Three years’ worth of problems compress down to a perceived six months. Finally many of us can be overly optimistic about situations where we felt we had control.  Outsourcing your IT can quickly turn ugly if you let these biases take hold.

Ultimately the struggle to work through these biases and make an analytical, data driven decision will serve your organization well. There will be further work if your new IT team is going to deliver the processes and efficiencies you were promised and are hoping for. Knowing what to expect and what good on-boarding should look like is going to help you and your organization push those biases to the side and really take advantage of what your new IT team can offer.

Ensuring your implementation of better IT is a smooth process requires that you and your organization trust the process. If you did your due diligence than trust that your new partner has your best interest in mind. They have developed an on-boarding process aimed at success because failure to do so would impact their work with their customers. Their process for evolving your IT demands your participation and input. If you fail to make time for this transition and are hoping that the magic bullet makes the problems go away you are setting yourself and your new partner up for failure.

The first step to better outsourcing your IT is you actually taking the first step and setting your organization and your partner on the path to success. Participate and thrive!

For more information about Outsourcing, including outsourcing your IT, visit: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/204652 for a great article on outsourcing for the entrepreneur.

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