Getting Serious about Security

The year 2015 is touted as the year of “<insert need here>”. For some it might be the year of growth, for others it could be the year of finding that new job. In IT, for Chess, this is the year of educating clients about security. Grab a free anti-virus, run it once a week and all is well is now a thing of the past. Virus and malware rates are up, infection coverage is up and the number of attack vectors for those who wish to do your business or computer harm has never been higher. Organizations needs to think more proactively about security. Owners need to be aware of the vulnerabilities their environments have, mitigate those vulnerabilities and reduce their attack footprint.

The big problem? It’s hard. Understanding the weaknesses in your environment is a manual, challenging process and needs to be performed on going to maintain your environment. Bring Your own Device, cloud computing, ease of point of sale and other areas have all vastly increased how an attacker would infiltrate your environment. Chess stays up to date on the latest security information and vulnerability assessment methodologies. We have staff who can perform intense assessment of an environment and identify not only key vulnerabilities but we can assess their potential for misuse and guide organizations on how to plug holes, train staff and bulk up against security threats.

Billions of dollars are spent annually by organizations who develop ways to infiltrate your environment, steal customer data and wreck havoc on your systems. Is that free anti-virus the only protection you want for your network?

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