Gabriel Hale, Apex Park & Recreation District

Our organization was introduced to Jason and Adam of Chess, Inc. by first working with another organization that contracted with Chess, Inc. for their networking expertise. After a very positive initial experience with Jason resolving some crisis level issues we encountered on that project we have continued to use Chess as our primary professional services resource. Additionally, we’ve transitioned to working with Chess for all of our equipment and software license purchases and all of our orders have been handled quickly, accurately and with the utmost of professionalism.

To date, our largest project working exclusively with Chess was a complete wireless infrastructure implementation. They took great care in addressing any eventuality we might encounter before providing us with a thorough scope of work and time to execute. Once the project began, everything that was listed in their scope of work was checked off the list and confirmed with us prior to my department being invoiced. They truly showed an investment in making sure that we, as the customer, were content with the work that they performed and felt as though we were operating according to plan. Apart from the successful implementation of the project, it bears stating that we had several other organizations provide bids and scopes of work for this project and none were as thorough or as competitively priced as what Chess, Inc. provided.

Separate from the initially planned installation and configuration of our new wireless system, we also had to make very last minute arrangements with Adam to perform a significant amount of cabling to support the new hardware infrastructure due to our other contractors dropping out. He was extremely accommodating in working around our hours of business and addressing our concerns regarding aesthetics despite the limited windows of time we could provide him. As the scope of work was executed, both Adam and Jason worked after hours on several occasions to test the equipment and guarantee its functionality before leaving our site. Having been in my position for over 7 years, I can say with certainty that this is a very rare find when working with professional services contractors.

Chess, Inc. has become a one-stop shop for all of our IT department’s technical and sales needs and we feel quite fortunate for having developed this business relationship by happenstance. I truly couldn’t recommend another company that I’ve worked with more highly.