Serving Small and Medium Business IT for over 35 years

Businesses today are coping with the explosion of IT needs and IT resources. Chess works with small and medium business because we understand the IT challenges around ensuring security, increasing productivity and delivering system uptime but doing so with limited resources. Small businesses deserve the opportunity to use the information tools larger companies have access to. Chess helps by providing these tools and resources scaled to meet the needs of small business.
We offer a variety of solutions that can dynamically and positively impact small business. What sets Chess apart is our strategic approach to solution delivery and our dedicated local team of customer focused technicians and support personnel. Hear what our President Lloyd Wilcox has to say about delivering amazing service for over 35 years.

A Better Way to Deliver IT

Business like having their own IT guy or gal because there is a certain level of comfort in having someone down the hall to work on projects and fix broken computers. The last thing an owner or manager wants is to be on hold for 10 minutes to talk to a tier one engineer and be constrained by the “process” just to get a problem resolved or a project discussed. We aren’t in the habit of identifying customers by a number. We cultivate relationships between our clients and our staff so businesses can retain that high comfort level in being personal with their IT person but get to enjoy enhanced usability, performance and reliability that process and domain expertise brings.
Listen to our CIO discuss why Chess will never ask for your customer number.

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